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The resources on this site are in two basic Categories: One Graphic and One Text:

The Room Lists are webpages that identify the Hospital Department, the Room Name, and the List of Generic Equipment typically found in the room.  Each generic equipment item on these pages, contain an item code that links to that category in the  Cutsheet Catalog and  when clicked will display multiple related vendor websites for that item code. These are the same item code found in the Room Layout pages. In addition, there is a downloadable spreadsheet file for that department at the bottom of each page that matches the lising on the page. 

Room Layout pages contain Graphic files that depict departments and rooms in drawing form showing how the equipment is typically situated. This is critical is places where possible contaimination needs to be controlled. The first set of images are a revolving presentation of each room in the department. Clicking on one of these images takes you to a full size drawing and the downloadable CADD Drawings in DXF format. All are to scale.

Equipment by Name is a MEPO Resource Module. It only appears as a pull down menu on the Room Lists pages. The module is organized by item name. Typically All items are grouped together by the first letter of their name. This Module comes in very handy when you want to know all the departments and rooms an item is used. On these pages are links to the Cutsheet Catalog. Unlike elsewhere on the site there is just of list of related vendor website address links. Click on any one of them to visit. There is an additional navigation button at the top of each page. This link will take you to a small gallery of MEPO components so identifition of item codes in the drawings is made clear. Also, the image of their related real world equipment is also included. In addition, in the future, this list of items will be linked to a general specification (technical description, siesmic requirements, electrical needs, size, and weight) .

Cutsheet Catalog is the MEPO Resource Module. It is used to manage the Vendor links found on the generic department equipment lists. Links can be added and managed by third parties. This module is also used to administer the link catagories and remove unrelated or dead links in the directory. Currently there are 11,604  links. Each request to view a webpage(s) from our site visitors is reported to our database server as a valid, or invalid hyperlink. This information is used to help insure the link database is as current as possible.  

Pricing Module is a MEPO Resource found within the Cutsheet Catalog Module. At the bottom of each Item Code Listing a Third Party website is listed that displays equipment with the respective price for each item. It should be understood that this number is a suggested starting retail price in US Dollars and that Project related numbers of items may be used to adjust unit prices with the respective vendors. Also, Conversion of US Dollars to other currencies is the responsibility of MEPO Website user.

Contribute. For Those who wish to contribute to this website, and get name recognition, there are some links in rooms that only refer to a generic "Subject Matter Expert". Send us your recomendations to replace these empty references with actual equipment and get your name and/or company listed as an contributing editor. Send your recommendations to the email tag below or Email Me here. Who knows, you may get some referrals for your efforts.

There are some links on this site that will take you to the Paypal site to enable downloads. We are listed with Paypal as a healthcare -   education site. Please keep this in mind when you see a paypal screen.


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July  4, 2016

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