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23 Hour Stay 
Ambulatory Procedure 
Cancer Center
Cashier & Financial
Clinical Information Services
Community Relations
Conference Center
Crisis Services
Discharge Holding
Employee Development
Employee Health/Infection
Employee Lockers
Environmental Services 
Hospital Administration 
Human Resources
Nursing Unit ICU/CCU 
Imaging Services
Linen Service 
Mail/Copy Center
Materials Management
Maternal/Child Health
Medical Staff Office
General Med/Surg Unit #1 
General Med/Surg Unit #2
Mental Health Administration
Mangement Information
Nursing Administration
Nursing Education
Pastoral Care 
Patient Accounts
Physical Therapy
Preadmission Testing
Psychiatric Nursing Unit
Risk Management 
Shared Support ICU/CCU 
Shared Support Med/Surg
Social Service & 

Step Down Nursing  Unit 
Support Unit
Surgery Suite 
Switch Board 

Equipment in Name Order - Letter "W"



Item Name


Department Name

Room Name

Wall Bucky, X - Ray
1Imaging ServicesChest Room
 1Imaging ServicesRad/Fluoro Room
 1Imaging ServicesRadiographic Room
Warmer, Blood/Fluid, Digital
1Ambulatory ProcedureProcedure Room
 1Surgery SuiteEquipment Storage
Warmer, Contrast Media
1Imaging ServicesSpecial Procedure Room
Washer, Glassware
1LaboratoryGlassware Wash
Washer, Utensils, Small, Dryer
1Materials ManagementDecontamination Option # 2
1Materials ManagementDecontamination Option # 2
Washer/Sterilizer, Steam
2Materials ManagementDecontamination Option # 1
Washing Machine
1Psychiatric Nursing UnitLaundry Room
Waste Container, Lead Lined
1Cancer CenterHot Lab
 2Crisis ServicesSuppy/Storage
 1Imaging ServicesHot Lab
Waste Module
1Cancer CenterHot Lab
 1Imaging ServicesHot Lab
Wastebasket, Fire Resistant
123 Hour StayNourishment Station
 123 Hour StayNursing Station
 123 Hour StayOffice, Director
 123 Hour StayPatient Bed
 123 Hour StaySoiled Utility
 123 Hour StayToilet, Patient
 123 Hour StayToilet/Staff
 1AdmittingOffice, Director
 1AdmittingToilet, Staff
 1Ambulatory ProcedureClean Utility
 1Ambulatory ProcedureDressing Booth
 1Ambulatory ProcedureInstument Processing
 1Ambulatory ProcedureNurse Station
 1Ambulatory ProcedureSoiled Utility
 1Ambulatory ProcedureToilet, Patient
 1AuxiliaryOffice Auxiliary Admin
 1AuxiliaryGift Shop
 1AuxiliaryOffice, Giftshop Manager
 1Cancer CenterChemo Therapy
 1Cancer CenterClean Utility
 1Cancer CenterComputer & Dosimetry
 1Cancer CenterConsult Room
 1Cancer CenterControl Desk
 1Cancer CenterFemale Patient Gowning
 1Cancer CenterFilm Processing
 1Cancer CenterHousekeeping Room
 1Cancer CenterLinerar Accelerator
 1Cancer CenterLockers
 1Cancer CenterMale Patient Gowning
 1Cancer CenterNursing Station
 1Cancer CenterOffice Admin Director
 1Cancer CenterOffice, Staff
 1Cancer CenterReception
 1Cancer CenterWorkstation, Secretary
 1Cancer CenterSimulator
 1Cancer CenterSoiled Utility
 1Cancer CenterToilet, Patient
 1Cancer CenterToilet, Public
 1Cancer CenterTumor Registration
 1Cancer CenterWorkroom
 1CardiologyClean Utility
 1CardiologyConsultation Room
 1CardiologyEcho Room
 1CardiologyEEG Room
 1CardiologyEMG Room
 1CardiologyHolter Scanning Room
 1CardiologyHousekeeping Room
 1CardiologyLocker Room
 1CardiologyLockers, Patient
 1CardiologyOffice, Medical Director
 1CardiologyOffice Technical Director
 1CardiologyOffice, Staff
 1CardiologyPhysician Reading
 1CardiologySoiled Utility
 1CardiologyWorkroom, Technician
 1CardiologyToilet, Patient
 1CardiologyToilet, Staff
 1CardiologyWorkstation, Secretary
 1CardiologyToilet/Shower, Patient
 1Cashier & FinancialOffice, Financial Officer
 1Cashier & FinancialOffice Supervisor
 1Cashier & FinancialWorkstation, Cashier
 1Clinical Information ServicesAudit.Chart Review
 1Clinical Information ServicesOffice, Staff
 1Clinical Information ServicesOffice, VP
 1Clinical Information ServicesWorkstation, Secretary
 1Community RelationsOffice, Staff
 1Community RelationsOffice, VP
 1Community RelationsWorkstation, Secretary
 1Conference CenterConference Rooms
 1Conference CenterKitchen
 1Conference CenterToilet, Public
 1Crisis ServicesGroup Room
 1Crisis ServicesHot Line/Conference Rooms
 1Crisis ServicesOffice, Administration Director
 1Crisis ServicesOffice, Clinical Staff
 1Crisis ServicesOffice, Director
 1Crisis ServicesOffice Physician
 1Crisis ServicesReception
 1Crisis ServicesToilet, Staff
 1Crisis ServicesWorkstation, Secretary
 1DevelopmentOffice, VP
 1DevelopmentWorkroom, Secretary
 1Discharge HoldingNurse Station
 1Discharge HoldingToilet, Patient
 1EmergencyClean Utility
 1EmergencyConsult/Grieving Room
 1EmergencyHousekeeping Closet
 1EmergencyNurse Station
 1EmergencyOffice Physician
 1EmergencyOffice, Registration
 1EmergencyOffice, Social Worker
 1EmergencyOffice, Staff
 1EmergencyOffice, Paramedics
 1EmergencyWorkarea, Physician
 1EmergencySoiled Utility
 1EmergencyToilet, Patient
 1EmergencyToilet, Public
 1EmergencyToilet, Staff
 1Employee DevelopmentEmployee Development Lab
 1Employee Health/InfectionExam Room
 1Employee Health/InfectionOffice, Nurse
 1Employee Health/InfectionOffice, Physician
 1Employee Health/InfectionWorkstation, Secretary
 1Employee LockersLocker Room, Men
 1Employee LockersLocker Room, Women
 1Employee LockersLounge
 1Employee LockersToilet/Shower
 1EngineeringOffice, Director
 1EngineeringOffice, Supervisor
 1EngineeringToilet, Staff
 1EngineeringWorkstation, Secretary
 1Environmental ServicesOffice, Director
 1Environmental ServicesOffice, Supervisor
 1Environmental ServicesWorkstation, Secretary
 1FinanceOffice, Associate Finance
 1FinanceOffice, Manager
 1FinanceOffice, VP Finance
 1FinanceOffice, Controller
 1FinanceToilet, Staff
 1FinanceWorkstation, Clerk
 1FinanceWorkstation, Secretary
 1General Med/Surg Unit #1Conference, Staff
 1General Med/Surg Unit #1Family Kitchen
 1General Med/Surg Unit #1Housekeeping
 1General Med/Surg Unit #1Nurse Station
 1General Med/Surg Unit #1Soiled Utility
 1General Med/Surg Unit #1Toilet, Public
 1General Med/Surg Unit #1Toilet, Staff
 1General Med/Surg Unit #1Toilet/Shower
 1General Med/Surg Unit #2Housekeeping Closet
 1General Med/Surg Unit #2Nurse Station
 1General Med/Surg Unit #2Toilet, Staff
 1General Med/Surg Unit #2Toilet/Shower
 1HospiceWorkstation, Secretary
 1Hospital AdministrationConference Room
 1Hospital AdministrationHousekeeping Closet
 1Hospital AdministrationOffice, CEO
 1Hospital AdministrationOffice, Director
 1Hospital AdministrationOffice, Senior VP
 1Hospital AdministrationOffice, VP
 1Hospital AdministrationToilet, Staff
 1Hospital AdministrationWorkstation, Secretary
 1Human ResourcesInterview Room
 1Human ResourcesOffice, Director
 1Human ResourcesOffice, Staff
 1Human ResourcesWorkstation, Secretary
 1Imaging ServicesCamera Room
 1Imaging ServicesChest Room
 1Imaging ServicesClean Utility
 1Imaging ServicesClean Workroom
 1Imaging ServicesActive Film
 1Imaging ServicesConsult Room
 1Imaging ServicesControl/Support
 1Imaging ServicesDressing Booths
 1Imaging ServicesFilm Processing
 1Imaging ServicesHot Lab
 1Imaging ServicesHousekeeping Closet
 1Imaging ServicesMammography Room
 1Imaging ServicesOffice, Administration Director
 1Imaging ServicesOffice, Radiologist
 1Imaging ServicesOffice, Supervisor
 1Imaging ServicesEquipment Storage
 1Imaging ServicesRad/Fluoro Room
 1Imaging ServicesRadiographic Room
 1Imaging ServicesReception
 1Imaging ServicesSoiled Utility
 1Imaging ServicesStaff Lockers
 1Imaging ServicesStaff Lounge
 1Imaging ServicesToilet, Patient
 1Imaging ServicesToilet, Staff
 1Imaging ServicesUltrasound Room
 1Imaging ServicesWorkstation, Secretary
 1Mail/Copy CenterSorting
 1Mangement InformationOffice, Director
 1Mangement InformationOffice, Manager
 1Mangement InformationOffice, Supervisor
 1Mangement InformationWorkstation, Secretary
 1Mangement InformationOffice, Staff
 1Materials ManagementHousekeeping Closet
 1Materials ManagementLockers, Men
 1Materials ManagementLockers, Women
 1Materials ManagementOffice, Director
 1Materials ManagementToilet/Shower, Staff
 1Materials ManagementWaiting/Reception
 1Materials ManagementWorkspace, Buyer
 1Materials ManagementWorkspace, Supervisor
 1Maternal/Child HealthAntepartum/Triage
 1Maternal/Child HealthClassroom
 1Maternal/Child HealthClean Utility
 1Maternal/Child HealthConsult Room
 1Maternal/Child HealthEarly Labor Lounge
 1Maternal/Child HealthFamily Room
 1Maternal/Child HealthHousekeeping Closet
 1Maternal/Child HealthInfant Resuscitation
 1Maternal/Child HealthNursery, Isolation
 1Maternal/Child HealthLocker, Men
 1Maternal/Child HealthNourishment Station
 4Maternal/Child HealthNursery Workroom
 1Maternal/Child HealthNursing Station/Control
 1Maternal/Child HealthOffice, Director
 1Maternal/Child HealthOffice, Staff
 1Maternal/Child HealthToilet/Shower, Patient
 1Maternal/Child HealthPhysician Read
 1Maternal/Child HealthLounge, Physician
 1Maternal/Child HealthSoiled Utility
 3Maternal/Child HealthSpecial Care Nursery
 1Maternal/Child HealthLounge, Staff
 1Maternal/Child HealthLocker, Women
 1Medical Staff OfficeOffice, Chief of Staff
 1Medical Staff OfficeOffice, Service Director
 1Medical Staff OfficeWorkstation Secretary
 1Mental Health AdministrationOffice, Admin Director
 1Mental Health AdministrationOffice, Staff
 1Mental Health AdministrationOffice, VP
 1Mental Health AdministrationWorkstation Secretary
 1Nursing AdministrationOffice, Director
 1Nursing AdministrationOffice, VP for Nursing
 1Nursing AdministrationWorkarea, Secretary
 1Nursing AdministrationWorkarea, Staff
 1Nursing EducationClinical Learning Lab
 1Nursing EducationOffice, Director
 1Nursing EducationOffice, Education Specialist
 1Nursing EducationWorkstation, Residents
 1Nursing EducationWorkstation, Secretary
 1Nursing Unit ICU/CCUConsult Room
 1Nursing Unit ICU/CCUFamily Kitchen
 1Nursing Unit ICU/CCUHousekeeping
 1Nursing Unit ICU/CCUNurse Station
 1Nursing Unit ICU/CCUOffice, Head Nurse
 1Nursing Unit ICU/CCUPhysician Read
 1Nursing Unit ICU/CCUSoiled Utility
 1Nursing Unit ICU/CCUStaff Conference
 1Nursing Unit ICU/CCUToilet, Staff
 1Nursing Unit ICU/CCUToilet, Public
 1Nursing Unit ICU/CCUToilet/Shower, Patient
 1Pastoral CareOffice, Director
 1Pastoral CareReception/Waiting
 1Pastoral CareWorkarea, Secretary
 1Patient AccountsConsult Room/Collections
 1Patient AccountsHousekeeping Closet
 1Patient AccountsOffice, Billing Manager
 1Patient AccountsOffice, Director
 1Patient AccountsToilet, Staff
 1Patient AccountsWorkstation, Patient Representitive
 1Patient AccountsWorkstation, Secretary
 1PharmacyConsult Counter
 1PharmacyIV Admixture
 1PharmacyOffice, Director
 1PharmacyOffice, Supervisor
 1PharmacyOffice, Billing Manager
 1PharmacyPicking Station
 2PharmacyPickup Counter
 1PharmacyToilet, Staff
 1PharmacyWorkstation, Secretary
 1Physical TherapyClean Utility
 1Physical TherapyEquipment Supply/Storage
 1Physical TherapyHousekeeping Closet
 1Physical TherapyHydrotheraphy Room
 1Physical TherapyLocker Room, Men
 1Physical TherapyLocker Room. Woman
 1Physical TherapyOT Specialty Equipment
 1Physical TherapyOT Table Area
 1Physical TherapySoiled Utility
 1Physical TherapyToilet, Patient
 1Physical TherapyToilet/Shower, Staff
 1Physical TherapyTreatment Room
 1Physical TherapyWaiting/Reception
 1Preadmission TestingExam Room
 1Preadmission TestingNurse Station
 1Preadmission TestingToilet, Public
 1Preadmission TestingWorkstation, Secretary
 1Psychiatric Nursing UnitConference/Classroom
 1Psychiatric Nursing UnitConsult Room
 1Psychiatric Nursing UnitGroup Room
 1Psychiatric Nursing UnitHousekeeping Closet
 1Psychiatric Nursing UnitKitchenette
 1Psychiatric Nursing UnitNourishment Station
 1Psychiatric Nursing UnitOccupational Therapy
 1Psychiatric Nursing UnitOffice, Administration Director
 1Psychiatric Nursing UnitOffice, Social Worker
 1Psychiatric Nursing UnitPatient Room, Private
 2Psychiatric Nursing UnitPatient Room, Shared
 1Psychiatric Nursing UnitPhysician Read
 1Psychiatric Nursing UnitSoiled Utility
 1Psychiatric Nursing UnitLockers, Staff
 1Psychiatric Nursing UnitToilet/Shower, Staff
 1Psychiatric Nursing UnitTV Lounge
 1Psychiatric Nursing UnitToilet, Staff
 1Psychiatric Nursing UnitTreatment Room
 1Psychiatric Nursing UnitTub Room
 1Psychiatric Nursing UnitVisitor Lounge
 1Psychiatric Nursing UnitToilet, Public
 1PulmonologyBlood Gas Lab
 1PulmonologyExam Room
 1PulmonologyLocker Room
 1PulmonologyOffice, Medical Director
 1PulmonologyOffice, Pulmonary Medicine
 1PulmonologyTesting Room
 1PulmonologyToilet, Staff
 1Risk ManagementOffice, Director
 1Risk ManagementOffice, Supervisor
 1SecurityDispatch Room
 1SecurityOffice, Director
 1SecurityOffice, Staff
 1Shared Support ICU/CCUConference/Classroom
 1Shared Support ICU/CCUConsult Room
 1Shared Support ICU/CCUKitchen
 1Shared Support ICU/CCUOffice Clinical Dietitian
 1Shared Support ICU/CCUOffice, Clinical Pharmacist
 1Shared Support ICU/CCUOffice, Head Nurse
 1Shared Support ICU/CCUOffice, Social Worker
 1Shared Support ICU/CCULocker, Staff
 1Shared Support ICU/CCUToilet, Staff
 1Shared Support ICU/CCUTub Room
 1Shared Support Med/SurgConference/Classroom
 1Shared Support Med/SurgConsult Room
 1Shared Support Med/SurgLounge, Detox, Patient
 1Shared Support Med/SurgOffice, Clinical Dietitian
 1Shared Support Med/SurgOffice, Head Nurse
 1Shared Support Med/SurgOffice, Clinical Pharmacist
 1Shared Support Med/SurgOffice, Staff, Detox
 1Shared Support Med/SurgOffice, Patient Support
 1Shared Support Med/SurgNourishment Station
 1Shared Support Med/SurgLockers, Staff
 1Shared Support Med/SurgToilet, Staff
 1Shared Support Med/SurgTub Room
 1Social Service & ContinuingLibrary/Conference Room
 1Social Service & ContinuingOffice, Director
 1Social Service & ContinuingWorkstation, Secretary
 1Step Down Nursing UnitConsult Room
 1Step Down Nursing UnitFamily Kitchen
 1Step Down Nursing UnitFamily Lounge/Waiting
 1Step Down Nursing UnitHousekeeping Closet
 1Step Down Nursing UnitNurse Station
 1Step Down Nursing UnitOffice, Head Nurse
 1Step Down Nursing UnitPhysician Read
 1Step Down Nursing UnitToilet, Public
 1Step Down Nursing UnitSoiled Utility
 1Step Down Nursing UnitConference Room, Staff
 1Step Down Nursing UnitToilet, Staff
 1Step Down Nursing UnitToilet/Shower, Patient
 1Support UnitHousekeeping Closet
 1Support UnitNurse Station
 1Support UnitSoiled Utility
 1Surgery SuiteClean Utility
 1Surgery SuiteConsult Room
 1Surgery SuiteExam/Prep Room
 1Surgery SuiteHousekeeping Closet
 1Surgery SuiteLockers, Women
 1Surgery SuiteLockers, Men
 1Surgery SuiteLockers, Male Changing
 1Surgery SuiteNurishment Station
 1Surgery SuiteNurse Station
 1Surgery SuiteOffice, Anesthesialogist
 1Surgery SuiteOffice, Chief
 1Surgery SuiteOffice, Staff
 1Surgery SuiteReception/Control
 1Surgery SuiteSoiled Utility
 1Surgery SuiteLounge, Staff
 1Surgery SuiteToilet, Patient
 1Surgery SuiteToilet, Public
 1Surgery SuiteToilet/Shower, Staff
 1Surgery SuiteLockers, Woman Changing
 1Surgery SuiteWorkroom CRNA
 1Surgery SuiteLounge, Physician
 1Switch BoardConsole Room
 1Switch BoardToilet, Staff
 1VolunteersOffice, Director
 1VolunteersOffice, Volunteers
 1VolunteersWorkarea, Secretary
Wheelchair, Adult
 1EmergencyWheelchair/Gurney Alcove
 1EngineeringWheelchair/Gurney Alcove
 1General Med/Surg Unit #1Wheelchair/Gurney Alcove
 1General Med/Surg Unit #2Wheelchair/Gurney Alcove
 1Imaging ServicesWheelchair/Gurney Alcove
 1Materials ManagementWheelchair/Gurney Alcove
 1Maternal/Child HealthWheelchair/Gurney Alcove
 1Nursing Unit ICU/CCUWheelchair/Gurney Alcove
 1Psychiatric Nursing UnitWheelchair/Gurney Alcove
 1Step Down Nursing UnitWheelchair/Gurney Alcove
 1Support UnitWheelchair/Gurney Alcove
 1Surgery SuiteWheelchair/Gurney Alcove
Whirlpool, Hand And Foot
1Physical TherapyHydrotheraphy Room

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